Financial Background Screening
European Background Ltd, servicing the financial sector

Allow us to take the strain

Let EBG do all the work for you, from initiating an application, monitoring its progress, and issuing the final clearance.
For HR personnel there will be no requirement to intervene after the initial interview except to monitor progress.

EBG will be constantly monitoring each application via its unique dashboard and reminding candidates by email or phone when the next step is awaiting their input.

The System is setup to reduce your involvement yet accelarate the progress. No longer waiting for months before completion

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5 year Referencing



Overseas CRC


Monitor Applicants

The dashboard facility within the system allows complete monitoring of each application.

This will constantly be monitored and action raised immediately.

Both for internal actions and also candidate's input.

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Get in touch!

The easiest and best way to start or modify your screening program is to let us plan exactly what you will need. We will want to have an initial discussion before drafting the initial programme.

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EBG process, quality matters...

EBG will provide a fast quality offering. Speed is important but the quality of the screening work is paramount. This is where EBG can excel and change the service levels in the screening industry.

Monitor Your Applicants Progress, in real-time

As each system is tailored to individual clients, each client can choose how they would prefer to monitor the progress of the searches. This allows differing levels of monitoring. A location may be limited to seeing only the candidates for a particular location or role. HR can see every candidate or only specific regions.

Quick Turn-around

Turn-Around will be substantially improved so that final report speed can be optimised.